Top fashion photographer Raul Higuera divides his time between studios in Bogota, Paris and New York.   Raul Higuera’s Fall 2010 shoot opened the Balmain advertising campaign in Paris for American Vogue.  Jetting between Europe, Asia, North and South America, Higuera shoots campaigns for Latin American Vogue, Paris Vogue, American Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Soho Women and other magazines recognized from America to Asia.  His works have been on the covers of In fashion, Maxim, Inoui in France, Varities, YOU GO and Eteis in England, Hello in Spain, Soon in Japan and Plot in Venezuela.  Higuera has photographed the great models.  Naomi Campbell counts him as a friend and working partner.

Though not yet a household name, the 30 year old Higuera’s résumé already reads like a who’s who of the fashion world’s elite.  Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Victoire de Castellane (of Dior) and Pierre Hardy (of Hermes) are just a few of his famous subjects.  This year alone will include shoots for Pucci, Lanvin, Dior and Chanel. With spreads in the world’s top fashion magazines for the top designers and campaigns with clients such as Mont Blanc, Max Mara, Swarovski, Paco Rabanne (just to name a few), Higuera is squarely poised to be counted among the most sought after photographers in the world.
Higuera’s photographs are recognizable for their particular quality of enchantment and a magic.
“I have a preference for fabrics in motion.
It is wanting to caress the space and to give the sensation of rising in air…
It is like trying to caress the air.”   __Raul Higuera
Raul fits perfectly into the movement that experts call, “New Contemporary”.  His work holds the promise of great interest, to new and experienced collectors, and Vered Gallery is interested in these trends.  In the coming October, Raul’s exhibition in East Hampton’s Vered Gallery will repeat, in September it will hang in Vienna, and in November, those photographs will be shown in Toronto.
Raul Higuera was born in 1981 in Santander, Colombia is today a citizen of the world.  He lives in Bogota, New York and Paris.   Before he was 25, he was considered one of the best 100 advertising photographers in the world.  A fashion editorial in 2005 for Lacoste’s new line of urban clothes, called “Faith Connection”, was photographed by Higuera.  It stared American model Bianca Obrien.  “We did the photographs around a gorgeous sculpture that is in the circle of the sector of the Nation, near the street of prostitutes in Paris. The sensuous dark metal of the monument project the sculptures of the lions and the chariot of Freedom.  It is full of rhythmic elements like the cornucopia, angels, flags and fire, ”  said Raul.   It drew the attention of the renowned fashion house of Balmain and five years later resulted in a major campaign in American Vogue.
Raul Higuera has work extensively with Latin celebrities such as Shakira, Paulina Rubio and Juanes.