VOGUE Latam Dec 2013

RAUL HIGUERA share the most recent portraits of VICTORIA FERNANDEZ in the latest edition of VOGUE Latinamerica.

“She is the Muse of TOM FORD, darling of MARIO TESTINO, intimate of VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, chosen by HAIDERACKERMANN. One of the most influential women in global fashion business.”

“With these solemn, natural and timeless portraits of my friend Victoria we close 2013 and we open 2014 with best wishes of perfect health and success for you! Happy new days!”
Raul Higuera Photography .




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VOGUE Latam December 2013

We glad to share the full interview of VICTORIA FERNANDEZ for the latest issue of Vogue Latinamerica. Photography by RAUL HIGUERA. Interview by KELLY TALAMAS.


There are women born under the sign of genius and Victoria Fernandez, a universal Colombian, is one of them. Kelly Talamas reveals the real woman behind the Muse …
Photography by Raul Higuera.

At 9:30 am on a foggy Friday morning I arrived at her apartment in Bogotá. Victoria Fernandez greets me with a fresh face and a warm hug, in an impeccable fitted black dress, stockings and pumps; the typical European lassiez-faire but with the meticulous attention to the detail of a Latin woman. With no apparent makeup, she looks perfectly rested, as if she had and eight hour deep sleep. I was astonished to have seen her hours before with her Colombian friends talking and drinking champagne in an intimate cocktail party organized in her name by her dear friend and helper Claudia “Cloclo” Echavarria.

She is radiant with all of the events of the previous night “What did you think of the evening” Divine, no? I feel so proud of Cloclo!” A gathering that means a lot do to the coming of a recognized woman that has organized many of the best European parties for important characters like Mario Testino, Haider Ackermann, Tom Ford or Dasha Zhukova.

The previous comment is valid. The cocktail party was a success. The purpose was to reintroduce Victoria to the Colombian society. her departure from Medellin 41 years ago has made a special welcome necessary for this proud Colombian, that has represented with such dignity the distinction of her foreign country.

We spent some time talking about what happened in the party, before Victoria offered me a small tour thought out her apartment. The space reflects a cosmopolitan and educated woman, with an electric mix of treasures and memories that she has acquired in her travels around the world. “ I don’t follow trends” when she explains.” When I find something that like in a collection, I just buy it and save it for two or three years, then I use it, this is what I have bought because I like it, not because it’s a tendency”. Her intuition and her instinct have made her famous. She was for example who discovered the design of Miucci Prada before the British Vivienne Westwood close to the ending of the 80`s decade. Muccia Prada opened a boutique in Italy. I was passing by Milan, through Via Spiga and I bought all of these dresses. One day Vivienne tells me “Victoria, What is that your wearing? And I told her “Prada”. But they only make shoes and purses she answered “No, they make Couture in one atelier a Milan”. From that moment Vivienne told to the press “this is the women who introduced me to Prada!”. And like this one she has many other stories to tell.

Victoria has been the creative consultant for designers like Patrick Cox, and Erick Bergere, and the creative director for Koji Tatsuno in the begging of the 90`s; Never the less, everything began in Colombia. “ I had an obsession since I was a child of living in Europe and studding in an European school and I had that very clear. My grandmother would sow my own dresses; my hair would always be impeccable. I was an obnoxious little girl with chapeau and gloves…”

Sitting in her kitchen, talking while drinking coffee, her eyes sparkle when she remembers moving from London to Paris in 1992 with her diseased British husband “Tom (Ford) just named creative director of Gucci, Mario (Testino) moved to Paris and was portraying Tom and Hamish (Bowles) campaigns as it was newly released editor at large for Vogue USA in Paris. “All of us became good friends”, she remembers referenced names of idols of our industry come out of her as if she were talking about her next door neighbor; Amanda Herlech, Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney… Who in one way or another, where importantly influenced by Victoria in her triumphs

As my hostess speaks, I find out more about what she has obtained since she left her small town. Popayan, Like the Tom Fords muse she starred in the select group of models that where gathered for the great return to the prèt-à-porter in 2010, she has appeared in the famous list of the 100 most invited people in Teatler, Harper’s & Queen`s 100 best dressed, she was also selected by the Sunday Times Magazine like of the ten best dressed in the world in 2006, when Christie London decided to auction more than half of the collection of clothes included hats of Stephen jones, bags of Hermes and pieces of Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Vivienne Westwood, among others.

In the edition of British Vogue was catalogued as the “Annual sale” for most keen eye as a fashion consultant and her unique and captivating styles, is the hand of Victoria in her events and experiences that is precisely what makes her Unique. “My mission is to make people dream, and offer and new and wonderful experience. I never do anything for monetary purposes, what motives me is Pasion for Fashion. The begging was in 1993, what the fashion foundation in Tokyo, a nonprofit organization promotes fashion in an international stand point in Japan was recruited as a coordinator of the founding member. Organizing parades of Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, and Donna Karan… the rest is history.

Since then she plans legendary parties for artists like Anselm Kiefer and Zaha Hadid, The historical inauguration of the Garage of Dasha Zhukova in Moscu with a the concert of Amy Winehouse, and of course became the favorite of Mario Testino for every event. Including her most recent project in Lima, with the MATE foundation. “I have known Victoria for 30 years” Says Mario. “What impresses me the most is her impeccable taste, from picking flowers to decoration a house or being the main hostess. She has masters in a unique way of incorporating and mixing both Colombian taste and European severity, she has helped me in almost all of my events and has raised the level very high”, her most recent achievement was the emotive Haider Ackermann Fashion Show in Medellin during the past “Colombiamoda” edition that has marked her coming back to Latin American and has embraced her Colombian roots but with a global perspective.

“I want to bring my vision to the fashion projects in latinamerica and Colombia to make them truly special, unique, as a cultural contribution”

She is brilliant and with an intense heart like fire, an inexhaustible energy and absolute loyalty to her projectors, her friends and her family. “She, simply is the one!” says Haider about her help in the event of this summer. Victoria thanks him for inspired her to come back to Colombia. Since the had met previously years back in Paris, she remembers having promised to the designer of Colombian roots that she will be the first person to take him to his natal country, loyal to her word she did it. “My dream for Colombia and Latin America is that fashion turns into a cultural contribution. Here there are no museums of clothing, there are no historical references. I want to give my vision so that things become special. She says.

Today she say that her bigger collection isn’t in clothing, it’s in friends, “my life is a thread of adventure, a lot of people have told me that I should write a book and that is exactly what I plan on doing, “But it’s going to be scandalous”. And it will be. I just want it will have more than one chapter dedicated to Latin America.